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Get fun sailing the seas

Last update on Nov. 23, 2016.

Get fun sailing the seas

Sailing the seas is the dream of many people, to do it at least once in life is an objective to fulfill. Maybe now you have rented a boat or bought one of your own, so it’s your first time sailing and you’d like to know some tips or advice to follow, to have a great time, that’s what All Marine brings to you!

You should really take these steps seriously, and follow them one by one.

Steps before and after setting sail

  1. You need to check if all allowed documents are in rule, if you don’t do that, your voyage could finish sooner and in a bad way.

  2. If the boat or yacht is yours, you need to have an appropriate insurance policy for the ship and its functions, because if you have an accident, fixing it on your own could be very expensive.

  3. Watch weather forecast. You shouldn’t be in the middle of the sea without knowledge of the weather of previous and following hours and days.

  4. Check the parts of the ship. Being in the open sea could be dangerous, so you should know if your boat works well.  Motor, gas, helm, sail, inside and outside walls, keels, checking everywhere from bow to stern and port to starboard will make the difference.

  5. Check the rescue and aid equipment. Life jacket, whistle, reflective strips, long rope and medicine. We don’t want an accident or shipwreck, but being always ready is very important.

  6. Check the navigation equipment. This is the main step of all, because sea is a giant world inside our earth, and navigating without direction and the right instruments could be risky.

You need to have in optimal conditions the GPS, Plotter, Radar, Reflector Radar, AIS, sounding line, quadrant, chip log, watch, guides, books, charts and maps from the zone, compass, bearing compass, a flag which identifies where you come from. There are many other instruments, but these are the necessary ones for your boat or yacht.

  1. Try traveling only when you feel well, your health must be in perfect conditions, being sick in the middle of the sea won’t be the best experience, I assure you!

  2. Maybe this is common sense, but you shouldn’t drink liquor, use drugs or any other narcotic before or during your voyage.

  3. It doesn't matter if you have been planning a voyage for just a few days, you must supply your cupboard of drinking water and foodat least for double the time you planned.


Remember that “Life is better by the sea” but it is necessary to follow these steps to have real fun.

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