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The most dangerous waters to sail

Last update on Nov. 23, 2016.

The most dangerous waters to sail

Sailing is one of the biggest pleasures of life and many experiences can take place while doing it. However, it is not so good all the time for we can imagine shipwrecks, rollovers and many other kinds of accident that could happen and weather is usually the main cause; that’s why you should know which the most dangerous waters for sailing are!

- The stories about The Bermuda Triangle are well-known. These stories started in 1950, at the date there had been hundreds of reports of disappearances, supported in declarations from people who swore to have seen UFOs overflying the zone, but nobody has found the real cause of why so many ships and airplanes get lost when they go through this area (Miami, Bermuda and San Juan, Puerto Rico) yet.

Moreover, this continues to be a very used route by cruisers, commercial and private sailing, however the mystery keeps up. Would you sail through The Bermuda Triangle?

 - The Indian Ocean bears close to 1/4 of the water surface of the planet and its geographic location makes its temperature warm and ever-changing, which makes it a place prone to tsunamis, monsoons, waterspouts, hurricanes or high winds (any kind of natural disaster); this makes navigation through it very difficult, causing shipwrecks or ships getting lost in the middle of the ocean.

Sometimes natural or mysterious causes are not the only one danger during sailing. Even though pirate attacks sound like something of the past, there are regions in the planet in which it continues to be more active than never before, which is the case of the Gulf of Guinea.


In the past two years, it has become the most dangerous place for sailing in Africa, which replaced Somalia. Since 2009, there have been alarms, violence, stealing and murders caused by pirates, and it looks like it won’t come to an end. Governments across West and South Africa, along with the European Union are joining forces and trying to stop this plague, but till now it hasn’t been enough.

 - China is not only the biggest country in the world with the largest population; it is also the nation with the highest rates of pollution on earth. Many industries that don’t respect the environmental care standards combined with unawareness of the Chinese makes that most Rivers of China (Baiyang, Zhejiang, Shangai, Jian, Wenzhou) have become dangerous places to sail.

Pollution in these places does not allow vegetation or fishes to exist, and most natives suffer some kind of disease (diseases related to lungs, skin, sight or cancer), you could get sick just in few minutes sailing these waters.

- The Southern Cone of the Antarctic Ocean is another place to face; its low temperature and strong winds could be a cemetery of ice for you, your boat and crew.  

Another enemy that ships traveling through these waters face are icebergs, they are silent killers if you don’t believe it ask John Smith. These rocks made of ice can be formed at any time of the year. If you have a shipwreck you’ll need to pray a lot, because search and rescue missions are nearly impossible to have any kind of success, and weather conditions and landmass farther helps to make the rescue operation more difficult.

Earth hides many mysterious and dangerous places where sailing won’t be an easy thing to do, however this makes part of the whole concept of sailing.

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