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How to succor someone sick in the middle of the sea

Last update on Jan. 6, 2017.

How to succor someone sick in the middle of the sea

Sailing is really exciting, and people who do this, want to feel alive, young and strong, like a real sailor, however no everybody can stand what that involve, that’s why amateurs are the main people who are liable get sick during the trip in high seas and believe us, there’s nothing worse than that.

The movement of the surge, the salt in the wind, the direct sun, even the smell to fish are some reason why people have a head each, throw up and seasick, been the last one the most common malaise. That’s why you need to know how ...

4 ideal App for fishing

Last update on Dec. 21, 2016.

4 ideal App for fishing

Vacations are coming and there isn’t better way to spend this time than fishing, no matter if you do it alone, with family or friends that do not change the awesome sensation which makes you feel alive, however you could need some help for enjoy it to the top.

Nowadays exist a lot solutions to the reach to your hand that could makes easy your adventure, even more if we talk about app for your smartphone or table, that’s why we’ll recommend you some of them here and give you a preview about how to use them.

- Navionics has been ...

Consejos para cuidar el motor de tu bote

Last update on Dec. 1, 2016.

Consejos para cuidar el motor de tu bote

¿Sabías que la mayoría de los motores sufren daños por uso inapropiado, descuido y mal mantenimiento?

El motor en cualquier máquina cumple la misma función que el corazón en nuestro cuerpo, pero en múltiples ocasiones factores mínimos de descuido e ignorancia humana terminan originando que este falle, acarreando daños parciales o generalizados, incluso hasta al punto de ‘dejarlo sin vida’; más cuando se trata del motor de un barco, en este caso la humedad, salinidad y corrosión son enemigos con los que deberás lidiar y que no serán fáciles de sobrellevar.

Si deseas evitar eso, lee esta resumida guía que ...

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