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The most dangerous waters to sail

Last update on Nov. 23, 2016.

The most dangerous waters to sail

Sailing is one of the biggest pleasures of life and many experiences can take place while doing it. However, it is not so good all the time for we can imagine shipwrecks, rollovers and many other kinds of accident that could happen and weather is usually the main cause; that’s why you should know which the most dangerous waters for sailing are!

- The stories about The Bermuda Triangle are well-known. These stories started in 1950, at the date there had been hundreds of reports of disappearances, supported in declarations from people who swore to have seen UFOs overflying the zone ...

Deportistas con yates de lujo

Last update on Nov. 23, 2016.

Deportistas con yates de lujo

En la actualidad hablar del deporte de alta competencia, es sinónimo de miles y miles de dólares (incluso millones), y de ello dan testimonio más de un centenar de deportistas que año tras año devengan cifras que ni en nuestro mejores sueños alcanzamos a imaginar, ustedes se preguntarán ¿qué hacen con todo ese dinero? Si bien no tenemos la respuesta exacta, algunas de sus propiedades nos dan una idea sobre ello, más cuando nos presentan a sus “Luxury Toys” (juguetes de súper lujo).

Mansiones en las mejores zonas, autos (incluso colecciones de ellos), negocios, joyas, son algunos de los aspectos ...

Marshall Tito´s yacht turned into a museum

Last update on Nov. 23, 2016.

Marshall Tito´s yacht turned into a museum

Marshall Tito’s was a Yugoslav revolutionary and statesman, who served in various roles from 1943 until his death in 1980, his yacht called ‛Galeb’ was used by him from 1952 till his time of death, and now it’s going to be turned into a museum after a long time.  

After Tito's death, it became the property of the Montenegrin government following the nation's breakup in 1991; it was sold to John Paul Papanicolaou, the same Greek yachtsman who owned the yacht Christina O.

Ten years ago, Galeb was auctioned by the state, her starting price was £85 ...