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How to succor someone sick in the middle of the sea

Last update on Jan. 6, 2017.

How to succor someone sick in the middle of the sea

Sailing is really exciting, and people who do this, want to feel alive, young and strong, like a real sailor, however no everybody can stand what that involve, that’s why amateurs are the main people who are liable get sick during the trip in high seas and believe us, there’s nothing worse than that.

The movement of the surge, the salt in the wind, the direct sun, even the smell to fish are some reason why people have a head each, throw up and seasick, been the last one the most common malaise. That’s why you need to know how to deal with this.

The preventions is first than all so let see a couple of advices that helps you to avoid this situation.

- Don’t eat heavy, spicy or fatty food, eat something light is the most recommended.

- Try to don’t smoke or smell strong odors.

- You could wear motion sickness bands around your wrist.

- Eat candy or tea with ginger helps you to prevent nausea.

- Try to get sit (in the middle of the boat to sea level) during hard movement of the surge.

- Don’t drink alcohol or coffee.

- Listen to music to get relax is an awesome way to skip seasick.

If nothing of this works or you forget to follow these tips, don’t worry, everything can be solved.

- Smell some citrus fruits (lemon, mandarin, orange).

- Go to sleep! Take at least a nap helps you to feel better.

- Eat a cookie or banana is the most recommended to settle tummy.

- You could take some free sell pill, based in dimenhydrinate or meclizine if nothing named before works, surely this makes you feel better.

Remember if you or any member of crew feel sick, don’t stress, it is just a temporary situation that will pass.

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