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How to maintain your boat

Last update on Nov. 23, 2016.

How to maintain your boat

Maybe boats are the objects that need more care than others, and it doesn’t matter if they are big or small, but covers, enclosures, canvases and other parts of your boat have to be protected from different conditions and from the weather too. That’s why we’ll show you some advice about how to do it in the right way.

1. The first task to do is to wash your boat regularly. If you boat is in saltwater, rinse your boat thoroughly with fresh water after every outing to remove salt residue. You must use soaps and cleaners made just for boats to protect your boat’s finish.

2. Oil is your motor’s life, that’s why changing from time to time is mandatory y if you don’t want a big damage; the inboards, stern drive boats and four-stroke outboards require them. The timing for changing is different for each model, but every 100 hours of navigation is the time recommended to do it and if you don’t sail so much, it must be once a year.

3. Sometimes we forget the object that moves us around, exactly, the propeller must be checked before launching (If you have an outboard or stern drive boat), we bet you won’t want to stay in the middle of the sea for a propeller’s fail.

3.1. Another way to maintain it in good conditions is moving it several times during a season, to make sure discarded fishing line hasn’t become wrapped around the propeller shaft. To do that you could contact your dealer or do it by yourself.

3.2. While the propeller is off, you should look for some nicks, dents or any signs of damage that will make your boat lose at least 10% of its performance. If you want to keep your propellers working for a long time you should paint it with antirust paint and put enough amount of waterproof grease in the shaft. 

4. Other recommendations before sailing are:

- Make sure that the bungs aren’t worn and that the washers are in good condition.

- Make sure that your bilge pump works.

- Test out your navigation lights and replace if necessary.

5. Other recommendations before sailing are:

- Clear away any rubbish from the decking; it’s especially important if you have any rubbish on an aluminum boat to keep it free or rubbish.

- Check your lines and anchor ropes for wear and tear, and replace them if you find that they are starting to look a bit worn.

- Check your auxiliary systems for wear and tear; things like your anchor winch, windscreen wipers and stuff like that all need a regular check.

Your boat needs to be treated like a baby to preserve it for long.

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