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How to buy a trailer

Last update on Nov. 23, 2016.

How to buy a trailer

Having the right trailer for your needs will allow you to move your boat anywhere so buying a trailer is very important for any boat owner, that’s why you need to know what to do and not to do.

- Buying the cheapest trailer on market is never the right answer, DON’T DO IT. You need to be pretty sure of what you’re buying and verify if that will work for your boat (size, weight, materials of construction, strength), if you pretend to save money by doing so, think twice before doing it because it could be way more expensive.

- Most trailers should be painted steel, galvanized steel or aluminum (it is necessary for saltwater boating), that’s why we recommend so DO it.

- Trailer tires are different than passenger vehicle tires as they have thicker sidewalls that allow them to reduce sway and carry the full weight of the load so DON’T use the wrong tires on your trailer, you need to be careful and ask an expert how to recognize the right tires. 

- You should know local trailer laws for your area and where you will be travelling before buying it (Make sure you know the requirements to transport your boat and trailer through different provinces and states), in this way you won’t be into legal troubles. So verify that before buying, DO IT.

- I think therefore I am? , DON’T buy multi-axle trailers if it is not necessary, that’s the most common misconception. A Single-axle trailer is not only cheaper but they are much easier to maneuver too, especially manually. Maybe your boat doesn’t need a multi-axle trailer so consult it with an expert.

After you got the trailer, it will be a key aspect to keep it in good conditions.

* Clean and keep all areas dry, avoid them getting rust, so they become weak (including the springs and axles).

* Grease the wheel bearings and inflate them properly before using it (50 lb. pressure), not more, not less.

* Check the breaks, rollers, screws, lights, verify them all.

* Remove all heavy things on the trailer, extra weight is unnecessary and could damage the structure.

* Rinse it with fresh water after an immersion in salt water, by doing so you will avoid any rust. By the way, if it is painted rather than galvanized, check carefully for rust.

* Apply some spray over sunny areas to protect them from sun light.

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